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Alan J. Pierce EdD
Introduction to Technology 2010
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By: Pierce & Karwatka
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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
     It is difficult staying ahead of counterfeiters because the equipment needed to produce security tagging keeps dropping in price. This month’s column describes the newest security tagging systems. The first one is infinitesimally small barcodes that are only as long as a human hair is wide. Photo 1 is an exaggeration because without super magnification they are invisible.
     The second new anti-counterfeiting system is an invisible watermark designer label that shows up when it is hit with warm moist air. Imagine because of this new technology you can huff and puff and blow the counterfeiters dream of stealing your money away.

Foiling the Counterfeiters
Nineteen years ago I described the best that the 20th century had to offer to keep U.S. currency safe. This thumbnail will can take you back to December 1995.
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Foiling the Counterfeiters
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