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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
3D Printing is Getting Hot - CES 2015
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     At CES 2015 3D printing blossomed into its own Tech Zone. See photo 1. Could desktop 3D printing become the next breakaway consumer product?
     I have no doubt the following is going to take place. The price of 3D printers will continue to fall and your tech savvy kids will continue to pester you for a 3D printer. By now most schools have requested a 3D printer for their science and technology programs.
     From my experience using a 3D printer it is clear that any tech savvy 12 year could quickly start building 3D objects. Online there are thousands of free designs already available for download and free software to design your  own projects. See photo 2. To get the full picture about 3D printers click the link below for my TechDirections magazine column.
     My review of the XYZprinting line of 3D printers can shed some light on what you should be looking for when purchasing a machine. It includes 3 videos that I shot to provide a full picture of what these printers can do. See & click photo 3 for the review.  Dedicated to Providing Classroom Resources on New & Emerging Technologies and New Products
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of the XYZprinting
3D Printers with
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