The Hybrid Commercial Jet Plane
3D Printing is Getting Hot
Sky-High Elevators Without Cables
The New Tappan Zee Bridge
Turning Architectural Dreams into Reality
The Ultimate
The Laser Automobile Ignition System
Aviation Goes Hypersonic
Fly from New York City to London England in under an hour.
(4,562 Miles Per Hour)
     At Mach 6 the SR-72 will cover one mile of ground per second of flight time. This is an amazing story of the future of flight and the full story is just one click away.
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At the Henn-na Hotel, if you want to be checked in by a robot you go to line 1, by an almost human you go to line 2, or by an alligator you go to line 3. (See Photo 1.)  This is the only hotel in the world fully staffed by robots and it is letting guests get a real peek at what an almost-human-intelligence robotic world might look like some day.

This hotel is located just outside the Huis Ten Bosch Amusement Park in Nagasaki, Japan. All the robotic systems of the hotel were created in Japan by the University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science, and the Kajima Corporation.

A Hotel Staffed by Robots
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A Hotel Staffed by Robots
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Smart Kapp IQ—Local and Long Distance Collaboration
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     The SMART kapp iQ is actually two different smartboards that share a ultra high definition LED display. In the Display mode (Photo 1), it harnesses the power of your computer and your Wi-Fi network for presentations.
     In the IQ mode (Photo 2), the display harnesses the power of your smartphone or tablet through a Bluetooth connection to let you collaborate with up to 250 people locally or internationally. In this mode, you have real-time whiteboard multi-way collaboration not possible in the other mode. With the touch of your finger, you can switch from one mode to the other to harness the capabilities of both modes in your classroom.

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