EZVIZ Security Cameras - A Close Look at:
Husky (MSRP $129,99), Mini Plus (MSRP $99.99), Mini O (MSRP $79.99)
By Alan J. Pierce

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     Locks are designed to keep people out. Alarms are designed to make a lot of noise and call the police if someone manages to bypass your locked perimeter. The third element to improve your safety is security cameras and EZVIZ has the hardware so you can inexpensively add them to your home or office. You can monitor these cameras yourself using an app on your smartphone.
     This review will take a look at the EZVIZ Husky, Mini-Plus, and the Mini O. What makes them extremely interesting is their low cost, extremely wide viewing angles, local storage capacity of up to 128GB on a micro SD card, HD video of their surveillance area, two way audio (Mini-Plus and Mini O), instant alerts, video security protocols, and their ability send live feeds to your smartphone. The Husky and the Mini Plus cameras are sold with 16GB micro SD cards. The Mini O requires you to supply your own.
     To set these cameras up you just download the Apple or Android smartphone app. A code reader is built into the app and it is used to read the QR code on the bottom of the camera. The app asks you for access to your WiFi network and then you are required to type in the verification code from the bottom of the camera. For added protection you should use the app to change the camera password.  If you supply your own SD card you also need to let the app format it before it can start to store recordings.
     If you decide to only store your surveillance video on the camera’s SD card, rather than their fee based optional cloud storage, you might need a larger micro SD card. It is easy to switch from one SD card to another. Since all of these cameras only record when there is motion; how much it will record will be determined by the amount of activity in its operational area. When the SD card is full it will record over the oldest recordings first.
     All three of these cameras have a wide angle field of view so they can see more of your room or yard than many of their competitors. The Husky viewing angle is 107.5 degrees, the Mini Plus is 135 degrees, and the Mini O is 110 degrees.   The only way to appreciate the physical size of their imaging areas and also see the HD quality of their images is to look at a photo taken by each camera during the day and in the dark at night. The significant differences and negatives for each camera need to be handled individually.
     The EZVIZ Husky (MSRP $129.99) has an HD camera with 1080p two megapixel resolution. It is dustproof and weatherproof so it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Only the Husky is capable of a wired or wireless hookup to your network. To do a PoE (Powered over Ethernet) connection you will need to supply the appropriate cable and hardware. The huskey does not have a microphone or speaker so it can only record silent video of events in its viewing area. The Husky’s night vision is rated by the manufacturer at up to 100 feet and it did have the best night vision.
     The camera body is attached to its base by a small screw tightened only into the plastic of the base. The small Philips head on this screw made it difficult to tighten it to the base adequately to keep the camera at the viewing angle that I wanted to establish. My fear while getting it tight enough to hold up the camera was that I would strip the plastic. A bolt and nut at this location would have been a simple major improvement.
EZVIZ Mini Plus
     The EZVIZ Mini Plus (MSRP $99.99) has a 1080p HD camera and actually has a wider viewing angle than the Husky. Its night vision is rated by the manufacturer at 25 feet and it was easy to see the difference in night vision quality between it and the Husky.
     The EZVIZ Mini O (MSRP $79.99) has a 720p HD camera, the other two were 1080p, with a 110 degree field of vision. Its night vision is rated by the manufacturer at 15 feet and the results were as expected much poorer than with the other two cameras. Daylight images were fine. If seeing what goes bump in the night is important to you I would suggest that you go with the Husky or Mini Plus. Remember with the Mini O you need to supply your own micro SD card.
Photos Show Day and Night Vision
Mini Plus
Photos Show Day and Night Vision
Husky                      Mini Plus              Mini O
Mini O
Photos Show Day and Night Vision