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My Charge Razor Ultra Review (MSRP $99.99)
     The Razor Ultra is a backup charger with an extremely large 12,200 mAh lithium polymer battery. Battery power is measured in milli-ampere hours (mAh). The mAh number of a portable battery tells you how much electricity the battery can deliver before it will need to be recharged. The larger this number, the more electricity a battery has to recharge your devices.
     The two USB ports on the Razor Ultra share a 3.4 amps output. It has the ability to deliver more amps than most other rechargers and it also has internal “Smart-Sense” software to ensure that it will not over charge your device or feed it more electricity than it can handle during the recharging process. The fact that it has a shared output means that it is faster when it is charging one device than when you have two devices plugged into it at the same time.
     This battery is sold fully charged which makes it the perfect last minute purchase at an airport kiosk. It comes with a 2.4 charging block and a micro USB charging cable. The cable is included for recharging the Razor Ultra but it can also be plugged into one of the recharging ports to recharge your tech devices if they are designed to be recharged using a micro USB cable. The charger weights 1.32 pounds and its measurement in inches is: 4 3/8 X 3 X 7/8.
Reason to Drool
     The best features of the Razor Ultra are the amount of electricity that it holds, how fast it can recharge your tech, and the included 2.1 amp charging block for you to use when the Razor Ultra needs to be recharged.
Not so Cool
     You need to supply your own USB charging cables for items you want to recharge. The cable that they did supply to recharge the Razor Ultra is short so that plugging it into a wall outlet for recharging might require an extension cord, power strip, or your own longer micro USB cable.