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Pixie Points Finds Lost Items  (MSRP $49.99 to $149.99)
     Are you someone who sometimes misplaces their car keys or phone? If you are like me, you will love Pixie. The Pixie system is there to help track down your lost items like your phone, wallet or car keys. To set up Pixie Points you first download its application from the Apple App Store onto your iPhone or other Apple device. Then the app gives you detailed instructions on how to connect wirelessly with your Pixie Points.
     When I first opened my Pixie box the Points originally reminded me of a guitar pick, except they were slightly larger and thicker. See photo. The Points are 47mm X 35mm X 3.4mm and their range is up to 150ft outdoors and 30-35ft indoors. The Pixie box ranges from $49.99-$149.99 based on how many pixies come in the box. See illustration. Pixie has a 30 day return policy and I assume you will have to pay shipping if you decide to return the product.
     There are many things I enjoyed about the Pixie System. The app is extremely easy to navigate and has very easy to follow instructions. If you still need help with your Pixie, they also have detailed animated videos for you to watch and they are just a click away on their website. One thing that is very cool is that Pixie can see through walls when looking for your items. See video at the end of this review. Pixie reminds me of a metal detector that works with your phone. Another neat feature about this product is that it is water and dust resistant.
     Pixie Points fall short, for me, in its design and appearance. I feel this way because it is too large on the back of my phone - see photo again. In order to place them on your items you would need to use their supplied key rings or actually glue the Pixie Points onto your items. If you glue your Pixies on, it will be difficult to remove them without prossibly damaging them. I also found that, at times, the performance wasn't at all accurate. One thing that would improve this product is if the Pixie actually made noise. Another downside to this product, at this time, is that it is only made for Apple products and I feel it would be more useful on an android phone. The Pixie Points have also non replaceable batteries so when your Pixie Points die you would have to purchase new ones. On a side note, they do indicate that the batteries should last up to 12 months and if the battery dies anytime before the 12 months they will exchange it for a new one. 
    In conclusion, the Pixie system is a great option to help track down lost items. My 1 to 5 star rating breaks down the Pixie sytem by its features.
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