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AfterShokz Bluez2 Bone Conducting Headphones (MSRP $99.95)
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     The photo shows a girl listening to her music using a headset that rests outside of her ears. The music she hears is transmitted through her cheek bones. Sounds crazy but it works and this review will describe to you how the Bluez-2 bone conducting headphones works and their positive and negative features. Before getting into specifics I just want to point out that this is a great product for anyone who wants to hear what is going on around them while wirelessly blasting their tunes directly into their head.
     The AfterShokz Bluez-2 headphones use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your phone, tablet, computer, or other Bluetooth device. You pair them by pressing the Bluez-2 power button for 5 seconds. See illustration 1. At this point you will see an alternating red and blue flashing light and the Bluez-2 headset will also say ďpairingĒ. On the pairing menu on your device select "Bluez-2 by AfterShokz".
     The internal battery on these headphones will give you about 6 hours of playing time.  They weigh 41 grams and have a band that wraps around your head and rests over your ears so the vibrating transducer pads press against the cheekbones of your face. See illustration1 again. The sound from the headphones is transmitted through your cheekbones to your inner ear; which is pretty cool. When you are listening to music, or watching videos, or doing a video chat you can feel the vibrations.
     These headphones have a wireless range of approximately 33 feet. They come in red, pink, black, or green and are packaged with an adjustable tension band, micro USB charging cord, reflective stickers, weatherproof storage pouch, and a warranty registration card. The headset itself is not waterproof.
Reasons to Drool
     If you are into outdoor sports the fact that you can enjoy your music without losing the ability to hear what is going on around you is reason enough for you to purchase this product. The AfterShokz Bluez-2 headset is also wireless so you donít have to worry about your earphones becoming tangled or their wire pulling out from your device. The Bluez-2 also has a built in microphone so you can  make hands free phone calls. See illustration 2 for a list of all the multi control features built into the left transducer pad.
     Another thing that is unique about these headphones is, if you crank up the volume, you feel the sound vibrations against your head. I am a teenager and I love hearing the beat of the music when working out or doing school work and with the Bluez-2 headset I can also feel the music.
     This point is significant enough to repeat, these headphones donít block your outer ear thus allowing you to hear environmental sounds like cars and people and this decreases the chance that you will be in an accident..
Not So Cool
     While listening to music using the Bluez-2 by AfterShokz you canít ignore your parents or friends claiming you couldnít hear them with your headphones on. The headset is uncomfortable if you are lying down on the couch or have your head resting on a car or airplane headrest. With your head pressing against something the sound also gets weaker and you canít really tighten the headphones to fit your head. I didnít like this "One Size Fits All" thing because some people's heads are much smaller than others. The tightening strap, their answer to one size fits all, has plastic clips to hold it in place. One of these clips failed to hold so the strap didnít work.
     The sound the headphones deliver seems to be more projected outside then going directly into your inner ears. If you plug your ears with your fingers, the sound is amazing and really loud. Wearing something in your ears to get the full quality of sound of bone transfer doesnít make sense.

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