Audio-Technica True Wireless ATH-CK3TW Earbuds Review (MSRP $119.00)

     Audio Technica is a company that is known for its high end sound reproduction equipment that audiophiles crave for home and/or studio use.  Their new ATH-CK3TW True Wireless earbuds (photo 1) gives the sound reproduction quality that the company is known for at a fraction of the cost of comparable earbuds sold by their competitors. Since the newest models from all the different smartphone manufacturers no longer include a headphone jack. If you havenít already, you will soon need to go wireless and these earbuds wonít break the bank when you purchase them.

Reasons to Drool
     The first thing you want from earbuds is sound quality and good volume and these buds deliver both. To deliver this sound quality they have 5.8 mm drivers, support Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus and they are running Bluetooth 5.0.  Together these features deliver superior sound, reduced sound latency, reduced sound interruptions, while increasing signal speed and range. 
     They have the best charging case of all the earbuds that I have reviewed to date.  It is the first case that was both physically small and extremely easy to open. When you take these earbuds out of their case they automatically turn on and will automatically shut off when you place them back in. When you open the charging case the earbuds tell you if they are being charged (white light) or if they are fully charged (light off). When your battery power starts to run low these earbuds will flash red rather than white and also speak into your ears telling you it is time to charge their batteries. Fully charged they will deliver about six hours of use and their charging case, if it is fully charged, can probably recharge the buds about four times before it too will need to be recharged.
     To engage the different earbud functions you tap the single button on each bud as shown in illustrations 1 and 2.  This is somewhat superior to multiple pressing of a single button which is found on most earbuds that are currently being sold.

Not So Cool
     These earbuds only have an IPX2 water resistance rating. It does not give them the kind of protection you would need for hard physical workouts where the heat and perspiration might enter the end of the earbuds where the sound comes out which is not protected from humidly or moisture.
Overall Rating
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