By Alan J. Pierce
Audio Technica ATH-ANC700BT
QuietPoint Noise Canceling Headphones
(MSRP $199.00)
Left Cup Controls
Right Cup Controls
Quick Start labels it incorrectly
     The ATH-ANC700BT noise canceling headphones, see photo 1, only have one visible button, which is the turn on switch. You control all its settings by touching or sliding your fingers on the outer surface of the left or right ear cups. The control locations on these ear cups are not labeled at all so you just need to play around looking at the quick start guide images, see illustrations, until you get a handle on its control operations. You tap to answer calls, raise/lower volume, and play/pause your device. You swipe on an ear cup to skip tracks or switch videos and you cover an ear cup to engage the noise cancellation function.

How Active Noise Cancellation Works
     Active noise cancellation technology reduces background noises by creating an opposing sound wave that cancels out the background noise. The ear cups have miniature microphones inside that pick up the noise from your surroundings. The electronics of the ATH-ANC700BT create a sound wave that is 180° out of phase of the environmental noise. This second sound wave acts as an acoustical eraser eliminating most of the loud noise that you would hear if you were not wearing an active noise cancellation device.

     The sound reproduction is very good, battery life is excellent, and they do a decent job of reducing environmental noise. They are physically smaller, fold flat,  and lighter than other units that I have reviewed and therefore easier to throw into your carry on travel bag or backpack.

     The ear cups left and right are marked but without help you might never notice the tiny R and L. Funny thing is the quick start guide labels both ear cups with an “L” which would normally mean left. I found figuring out which was the right ear cup and how to engage the different controls very frustrating. See manual illustrations. If you decide to purchase the
ATH-ANC700BT noise canceling headphones I recommend that you download the manual from Audio Technica. (Click here to Download the PDF) I found the shape of the ear cups physically smaller than other earphones that I have tested. They became uncomfortable after wearing them for a few hours. If I had downloaded the manual before writing this review the ATH-ANC700BT noise canceling headphones it might have received a higher rating on ease of use.
     To pause your device you need to press the ear cup, since just removing them doesn’t do anything; no automatic pause function. They come with a vinyl carry bag rather than a more protective hard case.
The ATH-ANC700BT noise canceling headphones have a tiny R and tiny L on the headband. This location is not mentioned in the included quick start guide. Without help you might never find it! The online manual is critical to fully understanding the control locations on the unit. Click me to download it.
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