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Black Eye Combo G4
     There are many different packages that the Black Eye company sells but the one that I have been using is called the Black Eye Combo G4 set. What is included in this set is two universal smartphone lenses one Wide G4 lens and one Macro G4 lens. The kit also comes with mini lens caps for the lenses, a microfiber cleaning cloth, the Universal clip attachment, and a tiny bag to put all of your equipment into. This high quality tool kit is perfect for people who like to go out on trips and prefer to use their smartphone as opposed to a digital camera. Also, this set is much more affordable than purchasing a digital camera and it can provide the same effects. This set costs $64.99.

The Lenses:
     The Wide G4 lens shows a 160 degree angle of view and 18mm equivalent in 35mm format. This is really cool when you want to do a big panoramic photo, it will capture everything.
     The Macro G4 lens shows 15x zoom and has a focus distance of 20-26mm. This lens is really cool if you want to take really up close photos. One photo I have done with this lens is of my friendís eye.

     I love how this product comes with a bag to store the lenses and a lens cleaner. It makes it super easy when you want to travel with the product. The quality of the photos are outstanding and as a photographer I was really surprised. If anything, it improved the quality of the camera on my phone, which is so awesome. I also love how this product is able to be used with pretty much every smartphone. (my photography website)

     There were not that many cons for this product but one thing that sometimes frustrates me about this product is aligning the universal clip with your smartphone camera. If you don't align it correctly, your pictures might not be sharp and may be blurry. Sometimes I would experience a black circle around the photo as well. It only came with 2 front caps and 1 back cap. It should have come with enough caps for all of the supplied lenses so they would all be covered when I am not using them.

     I really loved this product. I think it is great for use if you prefer to use your smartphone when taking photos. Hey, sometimes it is easier than carrying around a bulky camera.
Black Eye Combo G4 Review (MSRP $69.99)
Star Rating:
     Are you someone who uses their smartphone for taking photos wherever you go? Then this is the product for you. Being a teen, growing up with technology has many perks, one of which you don't need to really carry a separate digital camera and your smartphone nowadays, especially when you have this product.
A Hot Off the Press Product Review
What is the Black Eye Lens? 
     The Black Eye Lens is a lens that is handmade from glass optics and brings photo taking on your smartphone to the next level. The lenses are designed to attach to a Universal Clip attachment that clips on top of your smartphone camera. The lens is able to be used on all smartphone devices; some of the most popular phones it works with is iPhone and Samsung. What is also cool about the design is that you can clip the lens onto either side of your phone, if you want to take a selfie on the rear camera or with the front. The Black Eye Company designed many different kinds of lenses. For example one that makes your camera look like it s doing a wide panoramic photo/video or you have the small lens that allows you to take photos/videos extremely close up. 
Macro G4 Lens    &    Wide G4 Lens
Black Eye Combo G4 Boxed
Use of the Wide G4 Lens
Without Wide G4 Lens (before)
With Wide G4 Lens (after)
1- Use of the Macro Lens with Friends Eye
2- Use of the Macro Lens with Laptop Case Logo
3- Use of the Macro Lens with Lanyard for Keys

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