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Braven Flye Sport Earbuds Review (MSRP $79.99)

     The newest models from all the different smartphone manufacturers donít include a headphone jack which is necessary to plug-in wired earphones. So like it or not you will soon need to go wireless. Braven is a ZAGG company that has recently released a number of new wireless earbuds in anticipation of the market jump precipitated by the loss of the headphone jack on new smartphones. ZAGG sent us the Braven Flye Sport earbuds for testing and this review might help you decide if these wireless earbuds could meet your needs. With a list price of $79.99 they are relatively cheap compared to the units that are now being sold by Apple, Jabra, and other companies. They will work equally as well with your Apple or Android smartphone. See photo 1.
     When you look at photo 1 the first thing you probably noticed is these earbuds have ear wings. These appendages help keep them from falling out from your ears. Photo 2 shows you the different size ear wings and ear tips that come with these wireless earbuds. To give you protection against inclement weather the Braven Flye Sport earbuds have a IPX5 waterproof rating. This means they have the water resistance to handle the soaking from a heavy rain storm.

Reasons to Drool
     The small internal batteries in these Braven Flye Sport earbuds pack a lot of power. Listening at a reasonable volume these buds could last you an entire day and when you drop them back into their charging case they shut themselves off and start to quickly recharge. The next time you take them out of their case they will automatically reconnect to your smartphone. The charging case can recharge the earbuds 2 to 3 times before the case itself will need to be recharged.

Not so Cool
     Each earbud has only one button so to perform the different operational functions you need to press and hold or quickly single, double, or triple press a button to activate a function. This was easy to do when answering a phone call or skipping to the next sound track but became rather difficult when I tried to perform the other functions that require multiple quick presses. Photo 3 shows you what button and how many times you need to press it to perform different Braven Flye Sport earbud functions.
Overall Rating
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