By Alan J. Pierce
A Hot Off the Press Product Review
D-Link's Mini Smart Plug Review
Model DSP-W118-US
(MSRP $39.99)

This Mini Smart plug has one electrical outlet. You use the mydlink free app, photo 1, to setup this smart plug which is shown in photo 2. The same app is then used to control whatever you plugged into the smart plug from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection. Once setup this smart plug can turn on electrical power by pressing a button on the app or through the app’s scheduling function. This smart plug will also work with D-Link’s smart home devices and also work with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Smart Home, and IFTTT home automation. By using one of these automated home control systems you can also power on or off whatever you plugged into it using your voice. This allows you to turn a dumb appliance into a “smart home appliance”.
     It’s physical size (1.5 width by 2.33 length) allows two units, sold separately, to fit into a standard wall outlet. See photo 3. In a standard powerstrip it will obstruct at least one of the outlets on the strip. The unit came with a quick start guide but did not come with a manual that would have described how to establish the different functions using the app.

Reason to Drool
     The quick start guide clearly took you through the setup steps and even included a QR code that guaranteed you wouldn’t download the wrong D-Link app. It then helped you with the step by step procedure to add the smart plug so it is controlled by the app and is also connected to the internet by way of your wireless router.

Not so Cool
     I found this app very easy to use with D-Link cameras but very confusing to the point that I needed to contact D-Link support (1-877-453-5465) to figure out how to set up an automatic schedule. After a surprisingly short wait I spoke to John, a technical support person at their phone help desk, and he provided me with a website link that includes all the different setup procedures for the smart plug. I wish they would have included this link in the quick setup guide or on the D-Link smart lug support page on the web:
<> .
     A four star rating quickly fell to a two and half star when I found that after a momentary power failure, that was created by me pulling out the plug and quickly plugging it back in, was enough to cancel the day’s schedule if the loss of power took place between the turn on-turn turn-off time set in the schedule. This happened even though the smart plug quickly reset itself and once again was connected to my wireless router.
Overall Rating
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