By Jessica Nunes
DataTraveler Bolt Duo by Kingston
(MSRP 32GB- $34.99, 64GB - $44.99, & 128GB $69.99)

     Are you someone, like myself, who needs more storage on your phone but you donít want to delete your photos and videos to clear up space? Then this device would be perfect for you. The DataTraveler Bolt is a tiny USB flash drive that allows you to clear up space on your iPhone or iPad by saving all of your photos and videos to it. Bolt is available in many different sizes ranging from 32 GB  to 128 GB depending on how much extra storage you may need. As the size GB increases so does the price.
     Some key features of the Bolt is that you are able to capture more photos and videos and the 64GB unit can hold up to 16000 photos and 4 hours of video footage. This device allows me to shoot photos that automatically upload to the bolt, doesnít take up actual phone storage, leaves extra space for memories made with my family and friends, and backs up all my photos in case something happens to my phone. I donít know about you but I always like to have a second backup of my phone because you never know what could happen. All you have to do is download the Kingston Bolt app from the App Store, plug the Bolt into your phone charging port, and you can almost instantly upload your photos to it. The only thing you have to be aware of is your battery level because your iPhone/iPad battery must be at least 50% in order to upload to the bolt.

     Overall I am very happy with this device. I love how the device is able to make video and photo transfers and view the photos and videos from the bolt drive. I love how small it is and easy to carry around on the included key chain. See photo 2. I love the app feature that shows how much space is left on your iPhone/iPad as well as how much is left on the bolt. You are also able to choose exactly what photos you want stored. The choices are: all photos and videos, just photos or videos, only your photos from your favorites folder, or you can directly select specific photos.

     One thing that I did not like about the Bolt was it did not come with a quick start guide and this made the initial setup confusing.
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