Ditto Smartphone Alert
     Ditto is a small clip-on vibrator that you attach to your clothing or its wristband so it can silently inform you that your smartphone needs your attention.  You can set custom vibrations for phone calls, texts, emails, calendar appointments, smartphone alarms, and also its smartphone tether. The tether vibration will inform you that you have moved out of Bluetooth range from your smartphone. You can shut off any of the above vibration alerts and also set a favorites list so Ditto will only vibrate when a call or SMS message arrives from specific people.
     It is a Bluetooth device that will work with Apple or Android. It uses a button CR1632 battery so it never needs charging. The quick start booklet indicates that the battery should last about three to six months depending on the number of alarm signals sent by your smartphone. The app does show you Ditto’s battery’s condition. It is waterproof at surface swimming depths and IPX7 rated for snorkeling to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Depending on where you clip Ditto, the vibration is definitely strong enough to get your attention.
Reasons to Drool
     Do you often not hear your smartphone? Do you often accidentally walk away from your smartphone? If you answered yes to these questions this $ 39.95 device can be a life saver. With direct skin contact Ditto’s vibration strength is definitely strong enough to get your attention.  Ditto is also waterproof.

Not so Cool
     You need to start the app each time you start your phone for Ditto to work. Ditto will only vibrate once in its set pattern to warn you about anything. This is fine for phone calls, texts, or emails but I would like a number of repeat vibrations to tell me I am about to forget my smartphone. This tether warning is one way which means your smartphone will not warn you that you left Ditto at home or attached to a shirt about to go into the wash. The way I interpret Ditto’s waterproofing is it is fine to use while swimming laps in a pool but should be left on dry land with your smartphone if you are planning to do any diving.
By Alan J. Pierce

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