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FRENZ Brainband - The AI Enhanced Sleeping Aid - Review
(Current price $520 on Amazon on sale for $490 on the FRENZ website:

     The Brainband by Earable ™ Neuroscience was developed by scientists at the University of Colorado in
collaboration with scientists at the University of Oxford. The technology behind this new product is covered by 18
patents and their spin-off Brainband product is the winner of a CES 2024 innovation award. Earable boasts that
their Brainband is the first sleeping device that uses artificial Intelligence to help people fall asleep and stay
asleep. Before Brainband was spun off into a product, the University researchers performed an interesting study
to validate its effectiveness.  My suggestion is that after you read my review that you take the time to read their
actual research study which you can find online at:
     The FRENZ Brainband is like an Apple Watch for your brain! Your smartwatch (Apple or Android) provides
stimulation and information for when you are awake. The Brainband uses Artificial Intelligence to track and calm
your brain to help you fall asleep. It actually uses a feedback loop to improve the quality of your sleeping each
time you wear it.
     This brain brand gets strapped onto your head like a sweatband. For the band to work, it needs to touch your
skin. Three of the main functions of the band are sleep, focus, and relaxation. It tracks brain signals as you sleep
and can also stimulate the brain while you sleep by using its built-in bone conducting speakers. The band uses AI
technology to take data from your brain to personalize your experience with the band. The band has sensors that
help stimulate your brain by using your neurofeedback signals.
     The brain band connects to an app on your phone that you download from the Apple or Android store. When
you get the app, it asks you for a variety of information to help personalize your experience. Such as your age,
what music you find relaxing, how much caffeine you have each day, what aspects of sleep interest you, what
medications you are on to determine what could be affecting your health/sleep, if you have any diseases that
might be affecting your sleep, and more. The app tracks the amount of sleep you get and also tracks your sleep
stages: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. The band also can track your sleeping position throughout the
night as well as your heart rate, normal oxygen levels (Sp02), and you can even set an alarm to wake you up. 
     In the app, I can see all my brain signals and they have coaching available to help you improve your ability to
fall asleep. The app lets you listen to soundtracks that are scientifically proven to initiate focus as you sleep. All
this helps you to relax, clear your brain of negative thoughts and fall asleep. After using the band, I was extremely
impressed with how much data it was able to collect while I slept.
     One of the challenges I had while using the band was that I didn’t find it comfortable wearing it while sleeping.
I expect if you like wearing hats and sweatbands you won’t have this problem. During testing I woke up a few
times with a headache from a deep sleep and had to take the band off. I wish the band was a little more
comfortable, as I think it’s an extraordinary device that has a lot of potential. The cost for the band is $520 on
Amazon and $490 on the FRENZ website. The brainband comes in 8 different colors.  

The app takes real-time updates of what’s going on inside your brain while you sleep
Sounds are scientifically proven to help sleep, and this band has speakers that send these soundtracks to
your brain
It has 10-hour Playback 
Tracks your sleep stages and helps keep track of sleep, health, and other data using AI technology
Comes in 8 different colors to choose from based on your preference
I found the Brainband somewhat uncomfortable to wear when I was sleeping
It is expensive