By Jessica Nunes
Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Earbuds (MSRP $99.95)
For Sports -
Music in a Noisy Locations
Watching Video on iPhone-
     When working out at the gym or outdoors the one thing that I learned from experience is you donít need a wire running from your earbuds to your Smartphone. It physically hurt when my earbuds were ripped out of my ears because the wire got caught on the handle of a machine. Luckily it was the earbuds that were ripped from my ears and not my iPhone smashed on the floor. Obviously, the best way to avoid this danger is for you to use wireless earbuds that can handle your music, your phone calls, and the audio portion of FaceTime, Oovoo, and YouTube.
     I think Jabra had teenagers like us in mind when they created their new Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Earbuds. See photo 1 and 2. They kept the price down to $99.99 and still provided us with a sweat, shock, and weather resistant product which actually meets the US Military IP54 Standard. These wireless earbuds are easy to control and most important they have over the ear hooks so they wonít fall out of your ears while you are working out. 
     The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Earbuds  actually have a built-in Sport Life App that can give you training tips. These earbuds do a good job of blocking out environmental noise so you need to be very careful if your workouts take place near moving cars.  If you are looking for wireless earbuds for jogging in traffic that donít prevent situational awareness, I recommend that you read my AfterShotz Bluez-2 review. They transmit your tunes through the bones near your ears so your ears arenít blocked from hearing what is going on around you. It is available online at: 
     To pair the Jabra Sport Pace with your smartphone you press and hold the middle button on the Jabra controller until the indicator light on the left earbud flashes Blue and then you just follow the verbal instructions that these earbuds will supply.  The charging port is on the left earbud and it takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge. When fully charged you can expect to run for about 5 hours before this charge will be exhausted. The Illustration shows which buttons on the controller you press to activate each Jabra Sport Pace feature.

Reason to drool

     These earbuds are wireless, wonít fall out of your ears, and they do a good job of transmitting the audio of your smartphone under most conditions. When you turn them on a voice in your ear will tell you that you are connected.

Not So Cool

     I like to watch videos when I am on a treadmill. I found that the maximum volume was Ok for music but didnít have the same maximum volume when compared to wired earbuds for watching Hulu or Netflix videos. The only other negative that I found was the packaging did not include a hard carrying case to protect them and keep them clean when you throw them into your sports bag. 

My Ratings:

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