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Letsfit T12 Wireless Earbuds (MSRP 39.99)

      Photo 1 shows two wireless Earbuds that look very similar. One of them has an MSRP of $39.99 and the other one has an MSRP 139.99; a significant difference. These earbuds will work with your Android and your iOS (Apple) devices. Feature for feature they are not equal. If you feel it is ridiculous to spend over a hundred dollars for a set of earbuds or If your kids are looking for that certain look to impress their friends but money is tight you do want to read the rest of this review.

Pro or Con - Determined by Smartphone Brand.
     When I tested the T12s using my Samsung Note 8 the phone volume needed to be at maximum to reach what I consider to be a normal listening volume. On an iPhone the volume on the phone only needed to be at 50% to reach that safe comfort level. If you are going to use these earbuds with an iPhone or Android device you need to expect a different experience.

The sound quality was very good on the iPhone but just ok on the Android phone. After approximately 3 hours of use it was time to put them back in their case to recharge. The earbuds automatically turn off when you put them into their case and close the cover. The charging case can recharge your earbuds 4 to 5 times before they will need to be recharged. You can skip tracks, answer and end calls, and activate your phone’s voice control assistant by using the MFB buttons that are found on both earbuds.

You cannot use the MFB buttons to raise or lower the volume. The volume is determined by the volume setting on your phone and for me, as an Android user, to have my music play at what I consider a reasonable volume I needed to turn volume up to its maximum. The volume level was not a problem when I tested them using an iPhone. I found that they sit a little deep into their case which makes getting a grip to take them out a little tricky. When my daughter tried the T12s she found that they wouldn’t stay in her ears. She did indicate that she had the same problem when she tried the Apple unit with the same basic shape.