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By Alan J. Pierce
A Hot Off the Press Product Review
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MyCharge RazorXtreme (MSRP $99.99)

    If you use a small laptop to take notes during business meetings or in school I am sure you are looking for a power bank that can give you the extra boost so your computer doesn’t shut down in the middle of a lecture or meeting. Does your computer meet the flowing specifications?
1.Does it have a USB-C, charging port?
2.For recharging do you use a USB-C cable with USB-C on both ends with the manufacturer’s charging block?
     If you were able to answer these questions positively you can use a USB-C both ends cable with a power bank that is labeled PD to fully or partially recharge your computer. How much energy the PD charger will supply is determined by its maximum charging wattage and how large an internal battery it has inside. 
     The RazorXtreme PD, see photos, has two USB-A output ports and one  USB-C input/output port. You can use all three ports to recharge your devices. The important thing is if your computer does meet the criteria listed above you can use the USB-C port with a high quality USB-C, on both ends, recharging cable to recharge your small computer. The battery will give you a reasonably fast charging speed because the battery does meet the USB-C Power Delivery (PD) standard. It can deliver, through a USB-C on both ends cable, 20 volts at 45watts during the recharging process. This battery has “Smart-Sense” software to ensure that it will not over charge your device or feed it more electricity than it can handle during the recharging process.. The RazorXtreme has 26800mAh of electricity to deliver when it is fully charged. Battery power is measured in milli-ampere hours (mAh). The mAh number of a portable battery tells you how much electricity the battery can deliver before it will need to be recharged. The larger this number, the more electricity a battery has to recharge your devices. Photo 3 shows you this power bank’s specifications which includes its capacity and the input and output voltages that can be delivered by its ports.
      The working end of this battery is shown in photo 1. Pressing the button will light up its charging meter to tell you what current is left in the battery. Recharging takes place using the USB-C port and if you don’t use a USB-C on both ends cable with a 45 watt charging block it will take a ridiculous amount of time to recharge this battery. This charger weights one and a half pounds and it measures 3 5/8 in width, is 1inch thick and it is 7 inches long.

     The best features of the RazorXtreme are the amount of electricity that it holds and that it meets the USB-C Power Standard so it can recharge your small computer as well as all your other USB charging devices including your smartphones, tablets, cameras, and earbuds.

    It only comes with a short USB-C to USB-A cable and using this to recharge this battery is extremely slow. It took 2 hours to recharge it when it was ¾ full. To recharge in a reasonable amount of time you need to supply your own 45 watt charging block and a USB-C both ends cable. It would be a much better charger if they included prongs so it could be directly plugged into an electrical outlet for recharging or if, at least, they included a USB-C both ends cable with a 45 watt charging block.
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