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The MyCharge-UnPlugged 10K (MSRP $69.99)

     Smartphone manufacturers are all starting to adopt Qi Wireless charging. For you, the consumer, this technology allows you to just sit your smartphone or other enabled Qi chargeable device on the flat surface of a charger and not have to plug in anything. 
     As you start to shop you want to make certain that the battery you buy will provide the charging speed you want and also have the backup battery power you need. The MYCharge UnPlugged 10K has a very large 10,000mAh internal rechargeable battery that can deliver 10 watts of power to quickly recharge your Qi enabled devices. It is not only Qi certified, it also meets Apple and Samsung’s quick charging standards. To use it you just need to place your Qi enabled device on top of this powerbank.

Reasons to Drool
     It can deliver 10 watts of fast charging power and has a very large internal battery. The battery case also has two USB A ports so it is possible for you to charge three devices at the same time.

Not So Cool
     MyCharge placed the power on button and the battery power meter on the same surface you place your smartphone for charging. This makes it impossible for you to see how much energy is left in the powerbank while your smartphone is resting on its surface. MyCharge did not try to create any kind of holding mechanism to hold your smartphone and the powerbank together. All the new Qi smartbank manufacturers need to develop a holding mechanism that holds the battery and your smartphone together for easy carrying.
Overall Rating
UnPlugged 10K Specifications
Qi Certified
Battery Capacity
: 10,000mAh
Recharges Via: micro-USB cable
Compatibility: Smartphones & USB Devices
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