My Charge Adventure H2O 10050 Review (MSRP $49.99)

     Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic at this very moment the last thing you are probably thinking of doing is purchasing a new backup battery for your road warrior smart devices. However this is also a time to stay positive and think about what you will do when things return to normal.
     The new MyCharge Adventure series line all have Carabiner Clips so you can easily attach these batteries to a strap on your backpack or a belt loop on your pants. The H2O model take it a step further and adds waterproof to their list of features. The H2Os have a rugged rubberized outer layer with a dust, sand, and waterproof sealing cover that when closed protects the battery from whatever our environment can throw at it. When the cover is closed it can keep water, dust, and sand out of the ports.
     I only tested the H2O 10050 which has the largest battery and I am therefore only reporting on this one. When fully charged this battery can deliver 10050mAh of power to fast recharge two devices at the same time. It is important to note that this battery has Smart-Sense. This means it will automatically transfer electricity to your device at the power level your device needs. Its recharging port had a USB-C outlet which supports very fast recharging for this H2O battery.
     It comes with a short USB-C cable for you to use when the battery needs to be recharged. By meeting the new USB-C standard this battery can charge 50% faster than older batteries that met the Micro USB power transfer standard. You do need to supply your own charging cables to recharge your devices. That said the USB-C cable, that it comes with, if you plug in the USB-A side into one of the two charging ports can be used to recharge your newest smartphones that now come with the newest USB-C power ports.
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