MyCharge Hub Turbo Review  (MSRP $89.99 & $109.99)

     Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic at this very moment the last thing you are probably thinking of doing is purchasing a new backup battery for your road warrior smart devices. However this is also a time to stay positive and think about what you will do when things return to normal.
     The Turbo series by MyCharge is their fastest charging batteries. At this time there is a Hub Turbo 10050 and a Hub Turbo 6700 and they only differ in the amount of electricity that their internal battery can store for recharging.  The Turbo 6700 has 33% less recharging capacity than its more powerful sibling (6700mAh Vs 10050 mAh).
     Both models come with a built in lightening and USB-C cables.  The Turbo series also includes a USB-A recharging port that you can use with your own charging cable. This means you can actually charge three different devices at the same time. It is important to note that this battery has Smart-Sense. This means it will automatically transfer electricity to your device at the power level your device needs. Both Turbo models have built in charging prongs so you just need to plug these units into a standard electrical wall outlet to recharge them.
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