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By: Shelley Pierce
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Psync Genie S - The Artificial Intelligent GPT Enhanced Camera
(MSRP $34.99 32GB model & 39.99 64 GB model & See Me GPT Feature $0.99 per month)

     The Genie S is a GPT-enabled camera that is designed to capture audio and video activities in your home or
office. What sets it apart from other cameras is its AI GPT functionality. To activate the camera’s ability to write up
descriptions of what it sees, you need to purchase the SeeMe package which costs $0.99 cents per month. It is
actually fun reading its descriptions of what it is seeing and then giving each one a thumbs up or down to indicate
how close it came to what you see in the video. 
     To set up this camera you need to download the free Psync app from the Apple or Android store and create your
free account and password. With the app installed on your phone and the camera plugged into an electrical outlet,
you just need to follow a few simple setup steps to start watching and reading the video descriptions on your

Reasons to Drool
The camera uses artificial intelligence GPT functionality to translate what it sees visually into a text
description. Often not accurate but fun to read.
The price of $34.99 for 32G internal storage or $39.99 for 64G is extremely low for what the camera is
capable of doing.
The motion detection algorithms of this camera are extremely accurate.
It is fun to watch because it looks like a small toy robot from the future that raises its camera’s head and
rotates from its base to watch and record what it sees.
The camera can rotate 350 degrees horizontally and its camera head can also move vertically 125 degrees.
This gives it the ability to look down to follow the motion of a pet or a toddler.
The camera gives you two-way audio so you can have a conversation with the human or pet occupants in
the room.
The images are extremely sharp and extremely bright.
The camera resolution is 2560 X 1440 with 2K image quality.
You can share what the camera is seeing with other people.
It has a built-in spotlight and you control its intensity using the app. Definitely helpful if it is going to do its
recording in a darkened room.
It has a share button that lets you send a video clip as a text message, email or post on Facebook.
It can also be connected to Alexa

Not so Cool
The unit does not come with mounting bracket for wall installation.
The camera spotlight is always on and its intensity is controlled in the app. A major improvement would be for
the light to automatically turn on when motion is detected only if the room needs more light to properly record
the action.
Camera should return to preset location when it no longer sees people, pets, or other objects that can move.
At one point the Genie S that I was testing moved so it was looking at a blank wall for hours until I got its

The Final Word
     The greatest feature of this camera is its ability to use words to describe what it sees. It is fun to see how well it
does and one can expect it will improve in the future. In my opinion it is important that it is placed in a child’s
nursery, or location to observe a pet or children’s play area so it will record interesting videos. Otherwise, you can
quickly become bored watching the videos that it records.