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By: Jessica Nunes
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ReliefBand Premier Anti-Nausea Wearable - Product Review
(MSRP $279.99)    

Do you suffer from anxiety, motion sickness, nausea, or after a long night out experience hangovers? Here
is a product that might spark your interest. 
     The Reliefband Premier, see photo 1, is a product that could prevent and treat nausea associated with
motion sickness, pregnancy, chemotherapy, migraines, anxiety, and hangovers. Before describing the
band and my experience testing it, I want to mention that I researched what the medical profession’s
opinion was of this technology. I found that there is a great deal of medical evidence that electrical
acupoint stimulation in the middle of the bottom side of the wrist can reduce or eliminate the conditions
listed above. You might be surprised that Aetna, the medical insurance company, describes how effective
ReliefBand”s electrical stimulation is before they indicate that they don’t cover its purchase. You can also
look at the Journal of Clinical Oncology research study that documents “substantial evidence electrical
acupoint stimulation is an effective treatment of nausea due to chemotherapy”.

      The band attaches like a watch and delivers low-level electrical current across two small electrodes
(see photo 1 again) to stimulate the median nerve which is an acupuncture point. This stimulation travels
to your brain disrupting the signals that are causing nausea. You can control the intensity on the
ReliefBand from level 1 to level 10 depending on how nauseous you are. See photo 2 and 3.

     As a 24-year-old female, I can say I experience a ton of anxiety and stress daily. My anxiety tends to
cause nausea and migraines often, so this band could be life-changing for me if it works. 
     One of the things I first noticed with the band is its design. It reminds me of the look of a FitBit. The
ReliefBand weighs about the same as my Apple Watch. The packaging includes the band, charging wire, a
small conductivity gel tube, and an easy-to-understand instruction booklet.

     I have used this product a couple of times and I will say that it has helped reduce my anxiety and
nausea. Like any product, there were some pros and cons. 

Drug-free: This product is one of the only FDA-cleared non-drug-related devices. It is used in
hospitals to treat nausea-related symptoms.
Pain-free: There are no needles or acupuncture involved in the use of the watch and it does NOT
cause any pain or break the skin. In my experience using the ReliefBand caused a weird sensation in
my fingers but it does not hurt or cause pain. It’s more like a tickle or tingling feeling, and helped my
anxiety and nausea almost instantly. After wearing the ReliefBand for about five minutes, the band
almost instantly helped with my anxiety and nausea. 
Expensive: If you are in your 20s like me and you are going paycheck to paycheck, this product is
expensive. But I will say it is worth the investment. The band retails for $279.99 on the Reliefband
website. (You can find information about purchasing the product at the end of this review.)
I found that I needed to be sitting down and not using my arm while the product was in use. I will say
many other people who have had this product were able to wear it all day without it impacting what
they were doing. In my experience with the ReliefBand I could not do other things while using it
because it caused too much tingling in my fingers that I would need to sit down and not move my
hand. It also made my hands sweaty. I found that the best results were when I sat down to watch
television or work on my computer while using this product. 
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