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A Hot Off the Press Product Review
Cube Tracker - Find Lost or Misplaced Items
(MSRP $ 24.95)
      You download the app (Cube Tracker) from the Apple App or Android Play store and attach the Cube to your keys or other item. See photo 1 and 2. You are not limited by the app as to how many Cubes you can use. It is important to note that you donít connect this device using the standard Bluetooth search system. Cube uses low power Bluetooth and it is connected through the app. If connected properly it does not show up in your list of connected Bluetooth devices. 
     When you canít find the item that the Cube is attached to you use the app to locate the item. To do this you must be in Bluetooth range so the app can tell the Cube to ring. The reverse is also possible, if you misplaced your phone a double press of the button on the Cube will cause your phone to ring. Out of Bluetooth range the app will show you on a map, photo 3, the last location that your phone and cube were close enough to communicate their locations.

Reason to Drool
     The main competitor of the Cube is Tile and the one advantage that Cube has over Tile is you can replace the battery. The company actually supplies you with an extra CR2032 battery in the packaging.

Not so Cool
     Cube can only help you if you are in Bluetooth range of your lost object or the mapís last location sparks your recall enough to get you back into Bluetooth range. Once back in Bluetooth range Cube can only help if you are close enough to hear it ringing. Cube has no digital homing signal to tell you if the direction you are walking in is bringing you closer or further away from your lost item. Tile has a community help feature; Cube does not.