Kenu Car Mounts (Airframe & Airbase)
(MSRP $19.95 - $29.95)

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By Alan J. Pierce
     I expected by now that new cars would come with a built in stand for your smartphone to make it easy for you to use it for navigation etc. The most probable reason is they want you to purchase their factory installed navigation system and other premium packages. Many of us, regardless of what equipment is installed in our cars, want our smartphones screen visible while we are driving. Even though my car has a built-in navigation system I often use Waze because it gives me constant updates on accidents, road hazards, and even warns me about the location of visible and not so visible police cars using radar to catch speeders.
     In 2013 Kenu developed the Airframe Portable Car Mount. It is a simple device that attaches to an air vent in your car. Though simple in design its well crafted construction helped the company sell 2 million of them. Note this model is still on sale but will not work with all the new wide smartphones.  They now have a full line of smartphone holders and they are all well constructed and very reasonably priced.I tested all the ones shown in these pictures and they all worded extremely well.
Caution Using Vent Mount Models
     If you blast the heat during the winter you need to remember you are also heating your smartphone. I suggest you shut off the vent air flow on the one vent where you attached the Airframe holder.

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