By Alan Pierce
Review of the RiF6 Cube Projector

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     The designers of the Cube created a tiny powerful projector that weights only 4.8 ounces and it is also extremely small; it is a 2 inch cube. See photo 1. It is a handy device to have when you want to project still images or videos for a small group. It can run on its internal battery for about 90 minutes. You can also plug it into a wall outlet while it is in use. How long it can run is only limited by its LED light source which is rated to last about 20,000 hours.
     With the Cube you can project up to a 120 inch WVGA (854 x 480) image for group viewing. At 50 lumens its LED bulb projects a very bright image that can be seen in a room without turning off the lights. The rule of thumb for all projectors is the smaller the image that you project the brighter the display. It has a built in micro SD slot that you can use to show videos and pictures without using any of the cables that are needed to hook it up to an external device. You can attach it to your digital devices that are MHL or HDMI compatible.
     The Cube comes with an assortment of wires that will allow you to attach it to most of your digital hardware. The MHL 11 pin cable is for Samsung smartphones and the MHL 5 pin cable is for use with most other Android devices. Both of these cables have a twin wire on the smartphone side so you can power your smartphone at the same time it is running your presentation. You use the included HDMI cable for your PC and use an Apple adapter with this cable to attach the cube to your iPhone or iPad. Remember to attach the Cube to a PC without an HDMI port, a Mac, iPad, or an iPhone you will need to purchase appropriate adapters.
     The Cube has a small focus wheel located on the side of its micro SD slot. It also comes with a remote control that can handle Cube basic settings. The box includes a small tripod that has bendable legs so it can be attached to many different surfaces. See photo 2. To see how powerful an image it can project see photo 3.
      When I started testing the Cube I found that it was shipped with a bad HDMI cable. A new cable was quickly sent from the company and it worked. To see how helpful a company can be if you purchase their product check out this RiF6 website:

Reasons to Drool
     You canít help but praise the power of this tiny projector. It is definitely small enough to take with you to share your digital life when you are on the go and it stays very cool to the touch while it is running. For photos and videos its micro SD slot, that can hold a 32GB card, just might meet all of your projection needs. 

Not So Cool
      In a unit this small it probably shouldnít come as a surprise that its speaker canít pump out much volume. It does have a headphone jack so you attach an external speaker. I found it impossible to watch a video using the internal speaker on the Cube. The image, though it is quite good, it is not HD. If the room you are using it in is extremely bright you might need to shut down or dim the lights. 

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