By Alan Pierce
Review of the Mini & Micro U Speakers

(Mini MSRP $45.00 & Micro MSRP $35.00)

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     There are some things we want to be small in size and other things that we want to be as large as possible. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers that we intend to carry with us we definitely are looking for a powerful speaker in a small as possible package. The Mini and Micro U speakers shown in photo 1 and photo 2 really surprised me because even though they are tiny they do provide decent volume and tonal quality.
     What surprised me the most is their ability to provide hands free cellphone service while you are driving and act as a selfie remote control to take photos when you have your camera app running on your smartphone.
     The Mini is a little larger than the Micro and it has one more feature than the Micro which allows you to pair two Miniís together. I was not able to test this particular feature because they only sent one of each unit for review. I tried to pair the Micro and Mini together and when I wasnít successful I contacted the company and was told that they had to leave the pairing feature out of the micro because of its physical size.

Best Features
Best features are size, sound quality, act as a selfie remote, and work as a hands free speakerphone.

Worst Feature
Their tiny size makes it very easy for you to lose them. The advantages listed above, of course, outweighs this disadvantage.

U Mini Speaker
U Micro Speaker
U Speakers Two Sizes (Mini & Micro) Make in the Above Colors
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World's Best Sound is the Company Perhaps Puffing Their Product