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They vary in Power but have many common Features
HubUltra (12000mAh) - HubMax (9000mAh) - HubPlus (6000mAh) - HubMini (3000mAh)
Four New myCharge Portable Chargers for Apple & Android Devices
     All of the chargers listed above have a built-in integrated Apple Lightening cable and also a built-in integrated micro-USB cable. You can use any one of them to charge two devices at the same time. Note that you canít charge 2 Apples or 2 Androids at the same time since you only have one Apple and one Android built-in cable. Since they are built around these two cables, if your devices require a different cable this is not the battery recharger you want to purchase.
     As the price goes up so does the capacity of the lithium Ion batteries inside the charger. The individual power output of each device is listed above. Obviously, as the battery inside increases in size the overall weight of the recharger itself also increases. Remember with a short cable if you are holding your device while you are using it, you also have to hold the battery at the same time.

The Hub Max & the Hub Plus have built-in electrical prongs (see photo 2) so you can easy recharge the Max and the Plus by plugging them into a wall electrical outlet.
The Hub Ultra has a charging base with built in prongs so you can directly plug the charging base into an electrical wall outlet. If you use this charging base you get 4 amps of recharging power which can take you from empty to full in about 4 hours. This charging base also has a USB outlet that you can use, with your own charging cable, to charge a third device. You can also use a micro USB cable to slowly recharge it if you donít take the charging base with you.

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