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Scosche PowerUp 600 Torch Review (MSRP $129.99)

The PowerUp is a flashlight, power supply to recharge your devices, and a vehicle jump starter.
It is the perfect power device to add to the emergency kit in your car. It can be very handy on camping
trips and get you back on the road if you suddenly find you have a dead battery in the middle of

Jump Starter Use
    To use it to jump start your car plug in the included jumper cables into the back of the flashlight.
The battery in the flashlight is capable of providing a 12 volt jump start at up to 600 Amps. A soon as
you plug in the jumper cables you will see a start light and error light rapidly flashing and a third white
light that is there to help you see the terminals of your battery. Now connect the red jumper to the
positive terminal of your battery and then connect the black jumper to the negative terminal. If
everything is correctly connected the error light will go out and you will now be able to start your car.
    If the error light remains on do not proceed. Check you connections (Red to + and Black to –)
and also check to see that the flashlight is at least 50% charged. A button lies just below the place
where you plugged in the jumper cables and when you press it one to four lights will light up to tell you
the current energy state of the flashlight’s internal battery.
      You do need to have a good connection to the battery terminals for the proper flow of electricity.
The unit does have built-in protection to prevent short circuiting you car battery and overheating the
unit during the starting process. After you start your car remove the jumper cables in the reverse order
that you connected them.

    The flashlight has an extremely powerful 1250 Lux 300 Lumens LED white light that can be set
as a solid, slow flashing, or rapid flashing white light. When measuring the power of a light, Lux is the
intensity of the light measured where it hits a surface and Lumens measure the brightness of the light
sources. To get technical, one Lux is equal to one lumen per square meter (lux = lumens/m2). I am
sure you are very aware of all the possible uses of a very powerful flashlight.

    The internal battery is a 29.6 Wh (watt hours) 600 Amp Lithium-Polymer battery. The internal
power of the battery is given to you in watt hours rather than mAh because the power can be supplied
at 12 volts to start your car or 5 volts to charge your devices. The formula to convert one to the other
is: Q(mAh) = 1000 × E(Wh) / V(V)
    To use it to charge your smartphone and other electronic devices you open the back of the
flashlight. The 5 Volt USB-A charging port that has a 2.4 Amp output for fast charging. Next to it you
will find a USB-C port that is used to recharge the unit. The unit comes in a well designed case and
includes all the cables that you will need to keep it charged and also start your car. You do need to
supply your own cable that matches your smartphone or other electronic devices you want to charge.
The unit does come with a cable with USB-C on one end and USB-A on the other for you to use to
recharge the unit. They do provide a cigarette adapter plug for you to use with the supplied cable to
charge the PowerUp in older vehicles. Important to note that any USB-C cable can be used to charge
the PowerUp and they don’t supply a charging block for you to use when charging it using a standard
electrical outlet.

Shelley Pierce