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Scosche PowerVolt PD60 Wall Charger (MSRP $59.99)
This 60W USB-C charger can charge your iPhone or any other brand smartphone 4 times faster than a standard plug-in charger. It can also quickly charge your 60W Macbook or your 60W USB-C laptop. It can meet the recharging needs of many of your portable devices. It provides a lot of charging power and has built in electronics to allow fast charging while protecting your portable devices from overheating and overcharging. It does come with a high-quality charging/data USB-C cable. To charge your iPhone you will have to supply your own USB-C to lightening cable. See a list of compatible devices at the end of this review.

How does this device prevent overheating or overcharging?
Scosche PowerVolt PD60 meets the USB-PD standard which means it automatically determines the voltage requirement of the device that is plugged into it. It only supplies and adjusts the power it sends to a compatible device to prevent overheating and overcharging.

Compatible Devices
“Works with all iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13, 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12, 11 Pro, 11, Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8, Galaxy S20/S21, S10+, Note 10, Pixel 4/5, Switch, 60W MacBook’s, 60W USB-C Laptops, Digital Cameras and most other USB Type-C devices.” (

Reasons to Drool
The PowerVolt PD60 meets the USB Power Delivery Standard. To meet this standard a charger must be able to communicate with your computer, smartphone or tablet to determine its voltage and wattage requirements. This allows the charger to send the correct amount of power to your device and also allows it monitor charging speed to prevent overheating or overcharging.
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