By Jessica Nunes
MSRP $24.95
    The FLYP-Duo Cable is amazing and I expect many other companies will soon try to duplicate its features. See photo. It is the perfect charging cable for you to use at home, school, in the office, or on trips. It is actually two cables in one neat small package.
     At the power end of this USB cable you have a plug that can go into your PC, charging block, or charging station facing left or right. Look carefully at the image at the location of the green arrows to see how they have made the plug so it doesn't have to face in a particular direction when you plug it in.
     At the other end you have a micro USB with a lightening adapter attached to it. To keep this adapter from getting lost it has a safety cable.
TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case vs Phonesuit Elite Pro
(Both have an MSRP $79.95 and are compatible with the iPhone 5 or 5S)
     Do you ever have that one text message that you have to send when your phone dies? Do you often have one more fact to check for school when your phone’s power supply reaches rock bottom. It will take twice as long for this to happen if you are using a TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case (photo 1) or a Phonesuit Elite Pro charging case (photo 2). I recently had the opportunity to test both cases and this review will describe their similarities and differences so you can choose which case is best for you. The results are very close but I will inform you which one was slightly superior at the end of the review.
     Some of my less tech savvy friends have asked me how do these cases keep your phone charged and how do you activate the phone case to get it to charge your phone? On the back of both of these cases you have a location to press to start the charging process. On the TYLT Energi you press the single button on the back of the case for two seconds and on the Phonesuit you press down on the button on the left side of its touch screen for three seconds.
     The button and the touch screen on these units not only start the charging process they also tell you how much energy the case has left in it to recharge your iPhone 5 or 5S. The TYLT Energi charging case shows the power left for charging by the color of the LED light that is built into the button (Green - high, Blue - medium, Red - low) and the Phonesuit accomplishes this task with a series of glowing bars (5 when it is fully Charged).
     When your iPhone is fully charged it makes sense to stop the charging process. On the both chargers you repeat what you did to start the charging process.I was surprised to find the single button on the TYLT superior to a touchscreen and I will explain why at the end of the review.
When these cases need to be charged you can charge both your iPhone and the case at the same time. Both cases come with a micro USB cable for recharging. You will need to plug this cable into your laptop, charging block, or home charging station.

Feature for Feature

·Both let you sync data without removing the charging case.
·With both you can recharge the charging case and your iPhone at the same time.
·TYLT has a 2500mAh lithium-ion battery vs Phonesuit smaller 2100mAh lithium-ion
·TYLT has a Power button vs Phonesuit has a touchscreen
·TYLT comes with 2 accent safety shields vs Phonesuit is a single case without a safety shield.
-TYLT comes with a 3.5 audio adapter vs Phonesuit one is not supplied - Apple cables will fit without an adapter. Many other brand earhones will requre you use one.

Is There a Winner?

I feel that the TLYT Energi is slightly superior to the Phonesuit for the following reasons. When you remove the charging part of the case you still have the accent case to give you some drop protection and the single button on the back of the case turned out to be superior to the touchscreen. I was sure the touchscreen would be superior but when my hand rests on the touch screen while I am using my phone, I sometimes unintentionally shut off the charging process. That said both cases did an extremely good job keeping my phone charged 24/7.

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