By Alan Pierce
Ventev New Products CE Week NY
     At this year’s CE Week in NYC, Ventev introduced a number of products that can clean-up your charging area and also make it easy for you to charge all of your devices at home, on vacation, or even if you travel abroad.

Ventev USB Charging Hub 400 (MSRP $39.99)
     Most people today have an area in their home that is reserved for charging cellphones, tablets, and wearables. Plugging in so many devices at once creates a jumble of wires that in many ways is counterproductive to the necessary operation of recharging your devices.The Ventev USB Charging Hub 400 provides you with 4 USB power outlets so you don’t need to use charging blocks. See photo 1. The outlet on the extreme left side of the Charging Hub 400 provides a fast 2.4 amp charge and the other 3 outlets share 3 amps. Photo 2 shows 4 Apples being Juiced (charged) using 6" Ventev lightening wires on the Charging Hub 400.
     Scott Franklin the Director of Marketing at Ventev Mobile, supplied answers to the following questions on the operation and features of the Charging Hub 400:
- Am I correct this hub charger has 1 dedicated charging port and the other 3 ports don’t have split circuitry?
A - “One dedicated 2.4 A and the three remaining are shared 3A.”
Q - If these 3 ports share power, when charging more than one device, charging time increases when charging multiple devices.
A - “It depends on the other devices plugged in.”
Q - Does the unit have surge protection?
A - “no”
Q - When left plugged in and not charging any devices, does the unit continue to draw electricity from the power outlet?
A - “Every charger will have a standby draw unless it has a mechanical on/off switch.  Our chargers are designed to meet The Department of Energy Level Five efficiency rating.”
Q - To prevent overcharging does each port have a feedback loop to stop the charging process when the plugged in device is fully charged.
A - “Yes”
     So many people leave their electronics charging overnight and this charger can protect your battery from overcharging. The charging light on your device will stay lit, so how can you tell if it has stopped charging your device? By charging a whole slew of devices I found that some, after being plugged in for almost a full day still showed they were slightly less than fully charged. I took this to mean that the Ventev Charging Hub 400 feedback loop reduced the power to these devices because their battery seemed to indicate they were fully charged. This prevented the charging hub from overcharging these batteries.

Global ChargingHub 300 (MSRP $34.99)
Has 4 built-in AC plugs each with a different prong configuration. See photo 3. You only need to push out the one that matches the wall outlet in the country you are visiting. It will provide you with charging power in 150 different countries. The housing has 2 USB outlets which you can use directly with your charging wires and it also has a universal outlet which will allow you to plug in a standard plug to run your computer or even a power strip.

Photo 1: Charging Hub 400
Photo 3: Global Charger 300
Photo 2: The Charging Hub 400 Charging 4 Apple devices at the same time without the clutter.

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