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Ventev rq600 USB Charging Hub (MSRP $49.99)
      In most families with teenagers no one wants to give up their iPhones, iPads, or Android equivalents for recharging before they go to sleep. So you might have six or more electronic devices that need recharging at the same time. You definitely donít want to overcharge them by leaving them plugged in overnight. The Ventev rq600 can charge six things at the same time. Its built-in processor and software actually monitor each device to prevent overcharging.
     The Photo shows the first port on the left boxed out in green. This port is a dedicated 2.0 amp Qualcomm ģ Quick Charging port. The five other five ports share 8 amps.  So basically, if you were using all 5 of these ports at the same time, each port would deliver 1.6 amps. Since this hub is constantly measuring where your devices is are the recharging process, these five ports can still deliver very fast recharging. When a device that is plugged into one of these ports becomes fully charged, all the ports get bumped up to deliver 2.0 amps.
Reasons to Drool
     A very important feature of the rq600 is its ability to read the power needs of each device. It only sends each device the amount of electricity it can handle during the recharging process. It also automatically lowers its current feed as your devices reach their full charge and wonít overcharge them even if you leave them plugged in overnight.
      Another safety feature delivered by the processor and software that is built into this hub is its ability to read the specific needs of your batteries so it will only send each device the current that your product needs and not overcharge them.

Not So Cool
     Wish they included a way to lock your charging wires to the hub. With a house full of kids the Ventev 6" lightning charging cables  are often removed so they can use them with their portable charging devices.
(see photo) In my house charging wires disappear faster than ice cream from the freezer.
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Ventev rq600 USB Charging Hub
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