WORX Axis 20 Volt Reciprocating/Scroll Saw
(MSRP $99.99)

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By Alan J. Pierce
A Hot Off the Press Product Review
The Axis has been designed as a 20 volt scroll saw that converts with the simple press of a large button into a reciprocating saw. It is just as accurate to say that the Axis has been designed as a 20 volt reciprocating saw that converts with the simple press of a large button into a scroll saw. Itís unusual because both cutting configurations are equally effective and look just like the two individual power saws that Worx has combined into the Axis. See photos 1, 2, and 3.
It comes with a 20 volt battery, charger, four saw blades, and a simple instruction manual. The first thing you need to do when you get this tool is completely charge the battery. The advantage of a removable battery is that you can own more than one so that you are never out of power when you are using the saw. If you purchase a number of Worx 20 volt tools you will find that the batteries are all interchangeable. Though all the 20 volt different brand power tools have batteries that look similar they different are not interchangeable.
It uses standard t-shanked jig saw blades. See photo 4. It has a very fast and easy to use quick blade connection system so installing or switching blades only takes a few seconds. I did find it is easy to install t-shank blades so they were not lying flat (properly) against the solid side of the blade locking system. You do need to be careful that you install blades properly.
On the front of the saw you have a switch to change between orbital and straight motion of the blade. Basically you should use straight (locked position) for scroll sawing and orbital when you use the saw as a reciprocating saw. The significant difference is in orbital position, the blade has a slight circular motion that increases the width of the cut which improves chip removal which is especially important if you are cutting wet soft wood or tree branches.

Reasons to Drool
The system gives you the opportunity to own two useful saws through one purchase. The reciprocating and scroll saw configuration is actually the same setup as if you were using two different tools which means neither saw is held in an awkward way when you are using them. The saw has plenty of power, and also has a work light and a blower to keep the area you are scrolling though clear of debris. The quick blade change mechanism, photo 5, makes it easy to quickly switch blades to cut different materials.

Not So Cool
When using the narrower t-shank blades you do need to be careful that the blade is sitting flat against the solid side of the quick change blade holder. Photo 6 shows the blade correctly installed and photo 7 shows how easy it is to misalign a reciprocating or jig saw blade. Without plugging in the battery to the charger you canít tell if you are fully charged or just about to need to recharge. An app or lights on the battery would be a necessary improvement so you would know before you start to work if the battery has enough stored energy to do the job. To guarantee the tool is safe during blade installations and when sitting on a bench where a child might find it, I always recommend that the battery not be installed until the blade is in and you are ready to start using the saw.

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