By Alan J. Pierce
Wirelessly Charging with the YOOLOX K10

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YOOLOX Wireless Power Bank Review (MSRP $ 99.00)
      If your smartphone can be wirelessly charged you might want a new backup battery that can wirelessly charge it. YOOLOX is a company based in Munich Germany and their YOOLOX k10 and K16 wireless charging power banks are their first US released products. At CES 2019 a YOOLOX company representative described what their new wireless chargers could do. To keep your smartphone and battery properly aligned they designed a suction cup array to hold them together. See photo 1. They have two models the YOOLOX 10K has a 10,000 mAh battery and their K16 has the same physical design, just thicker, to accommodate its larger internal 16,000 mAh battery. See photo 2. The YOOLOX K10 or K16 batteries both have the electrical storage capacity to give you plenty of road warrior power to keep you going all day.
     I started testing the K10 the following day. Exclusively using the YOOLOX’s wireless charging feature during the rest of CES to recharge my Samsung Note 8 and its 3.0 quick charge didn’t disappoint. To take advantage of the suction cup feature you can’t use a protective case or your phone’s protective case needs to have a flat smooth surface. The grip feature of my Speck case would not let the suction cups work. I did eventually test the feature and it does an adequate job of holding your phone to the charger so they can be lifted together. However it is not, in my opinion, strong enough to haphazardly carry them together without the danger of dropping your phone or the battery.

Reason’s to Drool
     I am glad to report that their 10K wireless charging battery had plenty of quick wireless charging power that was not disrupted by a thick protective case or charging more than one device at the same time. The second or even third charging device would be plugged into the ports on the 10K battery. It has a USB C port that is capable of delivering a 3.0 amp charge to charge your MacBook Pro and a USB A port that you can use to charge all of your wearables. See photo 2 and 3. One of its most interesting features is its 7 small suction cups that let it stick to your smartphone during charging. The YOOLOX power bank batteries are compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones made by Apple, Samsung, and Google. Less known manufacturers’ cellphones can also be charged wirelessly on the YOOLOX as long as they list that they meet the Qi wireless charging standard.

Not So Cool
     The suction cups provided a reasonably strong bond when I tested it with my Samsung Note 8 not in a protective case. When I tested the bond with my phone in a protective case with a smooth surface, they stuck together but the bond wasn’t strong enough to prevent a fall if you tried to carry them without holding onto both units.
Photo 1 The suction cups can hold your phone in the correct position for charging
Photo 2 * The K10 and the K16 have the same physical design, just the K16 is thicker, to accommodate its larger internal battery.
* What you can charge is shown above the battery illustration.
Photo 3 The YOOLOX Power Banks has 3 charging ports.
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