by Alan J. Pierce, EdD

iTilt by Backetron ($19.95)

If you have an e-Reader, tablet computer, or other flat product with a viewing screen it is nice to have a stand that you can use when it is inconvenient to view and hold your device at the same time. The Backetron iTilt is a collapsible, sturdy stand

that measures approximately 5 ¾ X 6 ½ X 3/8 when folded flat. It has non slip rubber feet and it can be set to 8 different tilt viewing angles.

See the empty stand on left and it holding an iPad on the right..

It is simple to setup and use. The perfect device to use if you plan on watching a personal movie on

an iPad or other brand tablet on an airplane that is experiencing some flight turbulence. Since it is

designed to hold any flat framed item it can also be used to display framed awards, plaques, and other items on a desk rather than hanging them on a wall.


The perfect gift for someone always on their tablet computer.

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