My Charge Adventure H2O 10050 Review (MSRP $49.99)

The H2O model adds waterproof to a long list of features. With a rubberized outer layer and a waterproof sealing cover that when closed it can keep water, dust, and sand out of the ports.

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Lingolet One Language Translator Review (MSRP $99.00)

Lingolet is capable of handling quick unlimited translations between twelve languages. It also uses artificial intelligence to turn Lingolet recordings into translated transcripts.It can work with the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Thai. It can serve you and the person you are speaking to as your personal translator.

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OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock Review (MSRP $328.99)

     The OWC Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock, see photo 1, is designed to be used by professionals who need to increase the number and types of ports on their PC or Mac. Their type of use will need a dock that has a cooling fan to handle the heat that will be created by the power draw of the many different peripherals they will be using at the same time.
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A Jet Engine Prototype Fueled by Microwaved Ionized Air
January/February 2021

     A recent research laboratory breakthrough created a small prototype jet engine that was powered by a stream of ordinary ionized compressed air. The photo shows you the small jet engine propelling thrust.
     To create thrust from ordinary air the researchers sent the compressed air through a a “2.45 GHz magnetron microwave reaction chamber” where the microwave energy ionized the air, pressurized it, and heated it so it flowed into the engine as 1,000 degree Centigrade (1,832 Fahrenheit) plasma. 

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Augmented Vision through a
Contact Lens
March/April 2021

     The CES 2021 Last Gadget Standing Event winner was the Mojo Vision AR Contact Lens. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images or information onto a user's view of the real world. Mojo Vision has actually micro-sized this technology so it fits into a contact lens. See photos 1 and 2. One advantage instantly gained by moving AR so it sits directly over the retina of the eye is automatic eye tracking for proper placement of images and information into images of the real world.

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Creating Oxygen and Rocket Fuel on Mars
May/June 2021

     We need oxygen to breathe and for people to live on Mars they will need oxygen for respiration. They will also need oxygen to fuel their rockets or astronauts will never be able to return to earth. To blast off the red planet, a rocket would need an enormous quantity of rocket fuel (15,000 lbs) and even a greater quantity of oxygen (55,000 lbs). The goal is to eventually be able to manufacture both oxygen and rocket fuel, in the needed quantities, using Martian indigenous materials.

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ZVOX AV157 Sound Bar with AccuVoice Dialogue Boost-Review (MSRP $199.00)

ZVOX 157 sound bar is capable of increasing your ability to hear actors’ dialogue by using the same technology found in a hearing aid. This product review provides you with an understanding of how it brings voices forward so you can hear them. The review also rates its effectiveness. The YouTube video that is linked in the review, allows you to see and hear ZVOX’s AccuVoice and SuperVoice in action.

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BeHear PROXY a Game Changing Audio Wearable
(MSRP $189.00)

PROXY is a personal sound system that allows the audio from any Bluetooth device to be heard through stereo enhanced neck speakers or retractable earbuds. So if you are just tired of stuffing earbuds into your ears or getting sweaty ears from earphones during, exercising, gaming or online classes PROXY is for you. If you are slightly hard of hearing you will definitely be interested in the features of the W&H app that empowers PROXY with hearing aid functionality.

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Elon Musk’s Tunnel Vision
August/September 2021

Elon Musk’s newest idea is to send physical cars, in congested cities, underground so their occupants can move from point A to Point B quickly avoiding the traffic that exists on the local streets above. In Las Vegas Nevada his vision of sending people in cars through tunnels is now a sure bet since the first system with multiple stops is now open and running forty feet below city traffic.

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OWC USB-C Travel Docks Reviews (USB-C E MSRP $64.99 and USB-C $54.99)

OWC has two new travel dock products that look exactly alike. They differ by $10.00 in price. The USB-C E Dock has 6 ports and their USB-C Dock has 5 ports. They were reviewed a month apart. The only difference between the two units is the cheaper one does not have an Ethernet port and it is physically a ¼ inch thinner. My suggestion read both reviews and then decide which one best meets your needs.

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Timekettle WT2 Plus Wearable Translator Review (MSRP $179.99)

It would be nice to have a universal translator similar to the Sci-Fi one made famous on the TV show Star Trek. The company Timekettle is trying to meet this need and this review describes my  testing and opinion on the functionality of their  WT2 Plus Earbud translator. See photos 1. This translation system has three modes and the company indicates it is capable of translating between 40 different languages.

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Flood Proofing Homes Using Amphibious Construction
November/December 2021

     Since the start of this century the number of people worldwide that are now living in a flood zone has increased by 24 percent. There is a need to engineer
flood adaptation construction strategies that could allow people to comfortably build or rebuild their homes so that they can safely live in dry homes even in areas that tend to frequently flood.
     In this column we will look at two solutions that allow a home to move vertically out of the way of rising flood waters. This amazing house can stay horizontally in the same place while it moves eight feet + vertically to stay above flooding waters.

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Scosche PowerUp 600 Torch Review (MSRP $129.99)
The PowerUp is a flashlight, power supply to recharge your devices, and a vehicle jump starter. It is the perfect power device to add to the emergency kit in your car.
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Jabra Elite 7 Active (MSRP $179.99)
Jabra indicates that these earbuds have an “ultimate active fit” that is created by their unique ShakeGrip™ technology. The first thing I discovered testing them is they do feel very secure in my ears.
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The Metaverse - Our Current Internet on Steroids
January/February 2022

The metaverse could enrich our internet through the inclusion of three Dimensional (3D) content, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our current gateway to the internet is a cyberspace of infinite possibilities. We currently access it all using our computers, tablets, smartphones, and for some VR headsets. Because computing power continues to grow we can expect new hardware, software, and apps that expand the depth of our experiences when we use digital devices at home, work, school, in our cars, and even when we shop on line or in malls.
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Wind Generated Electricity on a Windless Day
May - June 2022    

A battery that runs on ocean water recently won a prestigious award at CES 2022. The Ocean Grazer Hydro Powered Battery System will enable wind generation farms to produce mega amounts of electricity even when the air is completely still. How it adapted hydro electric generation to store electricity on the ocean floor is explained and the article also shows how this could become a game changer that could vastly increase our ability to get our electricity from wind and solar generation farms that are located in the waters off our coastline. Article contains photos and video.

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Bite Away Review (MSRP $29.99)
Bite Away's name tells you exactly what this product does and what I am going to do here is tell you how it does it and why you might want to purchase or not purchase this insect sting relief device.
     Once stung you first experience the pain of the bite and this is quickly followed by itching. The Bite Away can stop the itching by heating the area of the bite for 3 or 5 seconds to 127 degrees Fahrenheit.
That is very hot, but with such a short contact with your skin it is just not enough to burn you.
My mom once introduced me to a very hot spoon that she said would stop the itching of a nasty bite.  It too worked and you might like this product for yourself but your young kids will hate it.

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Seeing Inside the Human Body Via the Ultrasound Postage Stamp Sized Patch

August/September 2022    

     We are going to look at a major breakthrough which shrinks the equipment and process performed by today’s ultrasound equipment down in size so the hardware that creates the ultrasound is a stick-on patch the size of a US postage stamp. See photo 1 and 2.
     The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Mayo Clinic engineering breakthrough will change the size and place where an ultrasound might take place after the device receives proper approval for medical use.

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Why are Bi-Directional Charging Electric Vehicles Critical to Future Sales of EVs
October 2022

     To stop selling fossil fuel powered cars by 2023 we need to upgrade the power grid and install Bi-Directional Charging systems into all new Electric Vehicles. Nissan, Volvo, and GM have now all announced that they will be including this system in their 2023 or 2024 electric vehicles. An EV with this type of charging system could provide electricity to your home (V2H) during a blackout and hopefully in the near future stabilize the electric grid (V2G) to prevent power blackouts. Major sales of EVs without this technology is unsustainable.

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Self-Destructing Plastics
A 2021 Award Winning Recycling Solution

December 2022

A team of researchers recently won a prestigious award for their major breakthrough in plastic recycling. They developed enzymes that can be embedded into new plastics as they are being manufactured into products. When these plastics are recycled the self-destruct enzymes can be activated. In just a few days the plastic will completely decompose. Even microplastic and nano-plastic particles will be untraceable.
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UVCeed - The Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer - that works with your Smartphone (MSRP $149.95)

UVCeed was developed by a medical doctor.
It attaches to the back of your smartphone and uses Ultraviolet Light to sanitize objects. It is controlled by its augmented reality app; that you download from the Apple or Android online store. You actually watch, direct and control the disinfecting process on your smartphone screen.

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Fly Like the Jetsons in an Airbus Flying Car
February 2023

The Meca S11 carcopter e-racer is a vertical takeoff and landing electric flying car that converts hydrogen into electricity. The first generation of the Meca carcopter will prove its ability doing formula 1 style E-plane racing 10 to 12 feet off the ground. Its Semi-Automatic Pilot is capable of keeping the carcopter safely in the air and its “Dynamic & Cognitive Safety” features can prevent collisions with structures or other aircraft. Publicly owned carcopters are planned with auto pilot tech that could provide full autonomous flying.

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Scosche PowerVolt PD60
Wall Charger
(MSRP $59.99)
This 60W USB-C charger can charge your iPhone or any other brand smartphone 4 times faster than a standard plug-in charger. It can also quickly charge your 60W Macbook or your 60W USB-C laptop. "Communicates with your devices for safest and fastest charging."

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Fluentalk T1 Language Translator - Product Review (MSRP $299.99)

The Timekettle Fluentalk T1 is a language translator that could be your perfect companion when traveling to foreign lands or use at home with acquittances that don’t speak English. Physically the unit reminds me of a small cellphone and it even has an empty slot for a Sim card if you want to use it with a cellular network.

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Medical Breakthroughs Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
Sept/Oct 2023

Amazing Medical breakthrough! A UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley medical research team created an AI empowered brain-computer Interface that restored the ability of a paralyzed patient to speak again. The system
decodes speech brain waves gathered by their neuroprosthetic implant and uses ChatGPT to organize her brain speech into cogent words and sentences that are spoken aloud by her digital twin avatar on a computer screen.

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Nuclear Fusion: On the Cusp of an Energy Revolution
November - December 2023

     Our sun is powered by nuclear fusion. Recent scientific fusion breakthroughs have duplicated the sun’s fusion engine here on earth. The next step is to ramp up the technology, so fusion can deliver electricity inexpensively 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
     The nuclear fusion reactor will fuse two light hydrogen atoms into one heavier helium atom in a reaction that releases mega amounts of energy. Nuclear fusion does not produce dangerous radiation and the helium that would be produced is in high demand for industrial processes.

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Psync Camera Genie
MSRP $34.99 32GB model & 39.99 64 GB model
* See Me GPT Feature $0.99 per month)

     The Genie S is a camera for your home that is AI enabled. To set it up you need to download its app from the Apple or Android store.
     When it starts to operate for the first time it opens up like a tiny robot from the future. After a few simple setup steps it is ready to record movement in the area that it is viewing.
     The See Me function is its most interesting feature and to acquire it you need to signup and pay a monthly charge.

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ReliefBand Premier the Anti-Nausea Wearable - Product Review
(MSRP $279.99)   

     The band attaches like a watch and delivers
low-level electrical current across two small electrodes to stimulate the median nerve which is an acupuncture point. This stimulation travels to your brain disrupting the signals that are causing nausea. You can control the intensity on the ReliefBand from level 1 to level 10 depending on how nauseous you are.
      ReliefBand is an FDA-cleared non-drug-related devices. The review covers its pros and cons and level of relief it provided to the product tester.

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FRENZ Brainband
The AI Enhanced Sleeping Aid
(MSRP $520.00)
     The FRENZ Brainband is like an Apple Watch for your brain! Your smartwatch (Apple or Android) provides stimulation and information for when you are awake. The Brainband uses Artificial Intelligence to track and calm your brain to help you fall asleep. It actually uses a feedback loop to improve the quality of your sleeping each time you wear it.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Implant
Receives FDA Approval for Human Trials

January - February 2024

On May 25, 2023 Elon Musk’s Neuralink medical implant received FDA approval to start human trials.  The implant could enable people, paralyzed from the neck down, to operate computers, smartphones and eventually other computer-controlled devices through wireless mind control. After the surgery the computer brain interface will use a self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm to determine which electrical signals control the mental planning of the physical movements of the subject's body parts. These signals will let the patient control a computer wirelessly just with their mind.

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COOLIFY 2S Neck Air Conditioner, Fan, & Heater - Review (MSRP $199.00)

     Torras COOLIFY-S2 uses thermoelectric cooling (TEC) to generate air-conditioning or heat on demand. It is a personal AC unit, fan or heater that you wear around your neck.
     It can’t cool your entire body because it can only blow cold or hot air toward your neck and head. However, cooling or heating your neck and head can improve how comfortable you feel outdoors in extreme weather conditions.

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The Liquid Fueled Electric Car
March - April 2024

     The perfect EV would be as easy to recharge as a gasoline powered car. It would have a battery that runs on an electrofuel. Drive to a transformed gasoline refueling station, stop at the pump, and fill your EV tank with electrofuel.
     A DARPA/Influit Energy breakthrough has recently created nano electrofuel that holds more electricity than the lithium-ion batteries now found in cars. Nano Flowcell, a London Based Company with new office in New York, has recently announced that its Quantino experimental EV that runs on electrofuel will soon go into production.

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